Hello chief,

💎💎Welcome to FWA New Clan Entry & Recruiting💎💎

✔️This is where clans ready to join apply.

❗️To start the application process you need to be at least 75% ready. This means you need 30 to 40 bases of the correct town hall composition and you need their war bases set up with our required basic rules.

‼️If you are not ready you are more than welcome to take a day to ask questions and learn more about how we provide an easy way to get easy wars, east loot and easy clan XP.

⚠️ To join FWA, the recommended composition for a 40vs40 sync is
10 x TH11/TH12
15 x TH10
13 x TH9,
0-2 TH8 (no more than 4 allowed) ⚠️

❗️The recommended composition as per stated above would enable a much better rate of matching official FWA clans ☺️ Otherwise there would be a risk of mismatching againt non-official FWA clans 😕

‼️ FWA Base has 4 sections:
Townhall 🏛
Archer Queen 👸🏻
Barbarian King 🤴🏻
Traps 💣

‼️Each base must pass the following rules
1. TH 🏛️ MUST be on the edge of the map ↗️🗺
2. Eagle Artillery 🦅 on edge near TH 🏛️↗️🗺️ (unless TH12)
3. Queen 👸🏻 and both inferno 🔥 exposed
4. Infernos on single 🔥
5. X-Bows 🏹 set to ground ONLY
6. Traps enclosed by walls 💣🚧
7. NO mixing of defenses and NO overlap between the sections 🚫
8. NO bases that violate SuperCell TOS ( offensive or inappropriate bases ) ❌
9. Empty ⭕️ CC with Barbarian King section 🤴🏻
10. Walls cannot "block" giants from attacking
⚠️ Exposed = No buildings or teslas blocking AQ/Inferno
⚠️ Burried = Opposite of Exposed

⚠️ Offensive/vulgar base tbd by admin discretion

If your clan is ready for the next step:

In order to better assist in joining FWA, please download the app "BAND" from the play store or the iTunes store. Once installed:

Search for a band called FWA© CLAN ENTRY

🌟🌟if your a clan looking to join, try here: Hey! Come and join our [FWA© CLAN ENTRY] Band.


👧👦If you are an individual player looking to join an existing FWA clan please join us on our [FWA© Community] band at http://band.us/@reqfwa .👦👧

Or search with the Band name.

You can also use BAND on the web at www.Band.us

It is highly recommended to start "Test wars". This is where you start war with as many players as your clan has and have all players set up their future FWA farm base. This is the only real way to verify every player has the correct base set up.

Once a match has been found, you can attempt to visit the opponent or ask them to visit you. Show them your farm bases and mention you are a “Future FWA clan”. In many cases you can convince them to place the top two players town halls and storages out for easy loot.

Once you get 30 players, you may join our recruitment BAND and then follow the instructions presented.

Please NOTE: FWA admins will NEVER ask for leadership or promotion in your clan. Do not promote anyone you do not know who claims to be in the FWA.